A Simple Plan for Living with Diabetes

Diabetes affects more than 34.2 million people, or 10.5% of the U.S. population. Unfortunately, many people don’t even know they have it until they have a major incident, sometimes something that’s known as a diabetic coma, which can be lethal.

Type 2 diabetes — or “adult-onset diabetes” — accounts for about 90% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is associated with older age, obesity, family history of diabetes, impaired glucose metabolism, physical inactivity, and even race.

During your annual medical exam, check your blood sugar levels. If you find out you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you can follow these simple tips from <i>webmd.com</i> and the Mayo Clinic.

Check your body after showering

Check your body from head to toe after taking a shower, looking for any cuts, sores, blisters and ingrown toenails. If you have cuts or scrapes, treat them quickly.

Protect your feet

Getting a cut or infection on your feet can lead to big trouble. Wear shoes outside and preferably house slippers when indoors.

Stay hydrated

High blood sugar causes your body to lose fluid, and your skin can get dry. Drink plenty of water and other liquids.

Have emergency snacks ready

On the go, carry glucose tablets or hard candy in case you get low blood sugar. At those times you may feel dizzy, hungry or shaky.

Have the right type of insulin

If you are always on the go and eat at irregular times, your physician may want to prescribe rapid-acting insulin or using an insulin pump to get things going faster.


Before starting to exercise as a diabetic, talk to your doctor. Check your blood sugar levels before exercising. Ask your doctor what level your blood sugar should be at. If it is less than 100mg/dL before exercise, have a small snack before you start.

Manage your diet

Count carbohydrates. Know how many carbs are in your food so you can dose your insulin properly. Do this by using a scale, preferably.

Choose carbs wisely. Try to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and brown or red rice. Skip breads, potatoes and pastas.

Eat balanced meals. That’s a mix of starches, fruit and vegetables, protein and fats.

Avoid sweet drinks. Skip the Big Gulp and mochas.

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