Home Maintenance Tips: Preventing Common Water Damage

Preventing the Four Most Common Water Damage Claims

Many homeowners who end up filing claims for fire or water damage often wish they had been more diligent with repairs and maintenance. The truth is, the majority of these claims could have been avoided with regular attention. While it’s crucial to prepare for major disasters like floods or earthquakes, most claims stem from neglect or insufficient maintenance.

Here are four common water damage scenarios that can be prevented with routine upkeep:

  1. Washing Machine Issues: Inspect your washing machine twice a year to check for leaks. Look for cracked or loose hoses, avoid overloading the machine, maintain its level position, and clean the inside monthly to prevent obstructions. Regularly clean the detergent/fabric softener dispenser to prevent clogs.
  2. Bathtub and Shower Leaks: Regularly check your bathroom for cracked seals and grout. These small openings can allow water to seep through and damage the floor underneath. Keep an eye out for stains or soft spots on walls, floors, and ceilings near the bathroom. If you detect any leaks or major issues, call a plumber promptly.
  3. Toilet Issues: Use caulking around the toilet to prevent water from seeping under the floor in case of overflow. In the event of a clog, open the tank and lift the flapper to stop additional water from entering the bowl. Consider replacing supply-line gate valves with ball valves to reduce the risk of overflow.
  4. Roof Leaks and Collapses: Regular maintenance of your roof is essential. Clean rain gutters at least twice a year and inspect shingles for any damage. During winter storms, monitor your roof to prevent collapse from accumulated snow or ice. Watch for signs of structural stress, such as cracks in walls or ceilings, broken windows, or doors that don’t close properly. If you notice any of these signs, have a qualified structural engineer inspect your home immediately.

By staying proactive with maintenance, you can prevent these common water damage scenarios and protect your home.

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