Safely Celebrating the Corporate Holiday Season: Mitigating Risks and Strengthening Team Unity

Arranging a corporate holiday celebration presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen team bonds, especially in the context of remote work. However, it is crucial to ensure a secure event that sidesteps potential legal complications. Here are considerations to forestall issues and liabilities associated with your holiday gathering:

Alcohol Management

Concerns Regarding Misbehavior: There are significant apprehensions surrounding alcohol consumption at the party, with studies indicating regrettable incidents and conflicts among office workers.


  • Opting not to serve alcohol can be a prudent move to mitigate potential problems.
  • Clearly communicating the extension of office conduct rules to the party through announcements and memos is essential.
  • Swiftly addressing inappropriate behavior is paramount for maintaining a professional atmosphere.

Liability for Drunk Driving: If an attendee consumes alcohol excessively and causes harm during their drive home, your organization might face liability.


  • Responsible limitation of alcohol consumption, potentially through the use of drink tickets.
  • Offering lower-alcohol-content drinks like beer or wine instead of shots.
  • Providing alternatives such as company mocktails, water, and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Halting alcohol service at least an hour before the party concludes.
  • Offering transportation options like free rideshares or hotel accommodations.

Food Safety

Catering Risks: Foodborne illnesses can emerge from undercooked or mishandled catering, potentially causing sickness among attendees.

Preventive Measures:

  • Adhering to the two-hour rule to prevent food from sitting at room temperature for too long.
  • Utilizing warming equipment like crockpots or chaffing dishes for hot foods.
  • Covering food containers on the buffet line when not in use.
  • Using serving tools to minimize hand contact with food.
  • Discarding any items suspected of being exposed to room temperature for an extended period.

By carefully managing alcohol consumption and ensuring food safety, you can host a memorable and enjoyable holiday party while minimizing the risk of legal issues and nurturing a positive work atmosphere.

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