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Teach Your Kids School Bus Safety

School bus safety

It’s back-to-school season and that means school buses back on the roads, shuttling millions of American children on round trips five days a week. While school buses are safer than personal vehicles for transporting kids to school, children are more…

Don’t Gamble on Minimum Coverage Policies

Costs of a serious accident.

One of the biggest pitfalls a car owner can make is buying the minimum liability limits required by their state. While the minimums vary from state to state, in all cases they are woefully inadequate to cover the costs of…

Helping Your Teen Be a Safe Driver

modeling good driving behavior

If you have a teen driver, you already know you are paying more for their insurance than your own due to their inexperience and the greater likelihood that they will be involved in a traffic accident. Their inexperience coupled with…

Had an Accident? Expect Long Repair Times

car crash accident insurance vehicle auto

Due to labor shortages and supply chain issues, the time it takes to repair a vehicle has increased substantially in the last year. What used to take two weeks maximum can now take more than a month, and that leaves…

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